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Everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible when they travel,

Whether it’s a long flight, a train ride, or a long drive. For many, finding the right travel pillow can be difficult. Most of them just aren’t comfortable enough.

NECKEZE® is the most comfortable travel pillow you will ever use.

Why choose Neckeze® over other travel pillows?

Neckeze® is more comfortable than the “horseshoe” type, or conventional pillow, because it completely surrounds the neck
giving you 360 degree support. Your chin does not drop down to your chest and Neckeze® is not too bulky behind your neck.

Neckeze® won’t deflate making it unusable.

Neckeze® is light and compact enough to store almost anywhere.

Neckeze® attaches easily to carry-on luggage, briefcases, seatbelts, wheelchairs, purses, or anywhere else, making it readily available.

Neckeze® is completely washable. Simply remove the foam collar from the sleeve (see instructions). The sleeve is machine washable;
the foam collar is hand washable.

** Neckeze is not a medical device to immobilize the neck. It is designed to promote comfort and relieve stress.