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What People are Saying about the Neckeze® Comfort Collar?

  • “The Neckeze are a BIG hit. I mean BBBBIIIIGGGG Hit. All 28 that requested Neckeze received them and are loving them. We are going to spread the news. Our company personnel fly all over the world to the United States military bases. These were the perfect thickness, too. Thanks A lot for your help.”

    - Greg O., Monaco Co., Spokane, WA
  • "I have personally been using the Neckeze collar for the last 7 years when traveling by air or car. It provides excellent support for the head and neck when traveling long distances where you have a tendency to fall asleep. No more pain in the neck or down the arms when you wake up. I recommend Neckeze to all my patients when they travel long distances."

    - Dr. Kathryn M. Quinton, D.C., Chiropractic Physician
  • "My name is Brian and I am a Free-lance Travel Director. My job requires me to be on the road quite a bit traveling to all continents. Obviously, being 'on the road' means that I will be in the air, flying to and from each destination. As I have been doing this for the past 21 years, it is important to me to be well-rested, not only getting to my destination for work, but returning home. The only way for me to be well-rested is to relax and sleep. I am able to relax and sleep with certain little comforts like music, logical puzzles and a good neck pillow. Though all of these comforts are a personal choice, I must tell you that I commend and would gladly recommend your company for finally making a neck pillow that is, without hesitation, the best neck pillow on the market! I have tried at least 10 different neck pillows only to find that I was more exhausted and sore using the pillow than if I had just forced myself to stay awake. With your Neckeze pillow, I have found that flying is much less painful and so much more restful now that I am able to finally support my neck in a comfortable way. I am very thankful that your Neckeze, one of my happy little comforts, allows me to be well-rested after a short or long-haul flight, whether I am heading to work or heading home to play. I look forward to many more flights of comfort!"

    - Sincerely, Brian Thilenius
  • "A friend gave me a Neckeze to use on a trip from North Carolina to Paris then to Central Africa (and back!). The neckeze worked great. It really helped me get the rest I needed on the flights so that I was able to hit the ground running when I arrived at my destination. Thanks for the great product!"

    - Michael Buchanan, North Carolina
  • “Neckeze is one of Massage Bar, Inc.’s top selling products at airports. They fly off the shelves and travelers love them. I personally use my Neckeze collar every time I fly. I have come up with a slogan for you that describes what it does and why you would want it. “No More Human Bobble Head!”

    - Cary Cruea, President Massage Bar Inc.
  • “I purchased your product sometime ago at O’Hare. Neckeze is an excellent product and the travel pillows being sold out there just don’t rate.”

    - Linda Giammanco, Los Angeles
  • “Kristen and I truly appreciated Neckeze during our long flight to Hawaii.”

    - Ginger and Kristen
  • “I recently purchased a Neckeze collar from you. I have owned one for many years and never, ever travel without it. I left my old one at a hotel somewhere in Nevada. It still looked brand new. I have serious neck problems, have had surgery and 2 disks fused. I have to sleep with a collar on and Neckeze is the only one I’ve ever found that is not too wide. I’m more than happy to endorse your wonderful product!"

    - Kathleen E.
  • “Competitive soccer all my life and it’s my neck that’s taken the beating. Neckeze is pure gold on bus rides home after games.”

    - Steve Solza
  • “I was always concerned about sleeping on airplanes-wanting to doze off, but afraid of waking up with neck pain. The neck collar really helps to catch a few extra zzz’s while traveling. And, I don’t feel self-conscious because I know my mouth won’t be hanging open. I especially like the colors Neckeze offers so I can match my clothes.”

    - Ruth, Huntley IL
  • "I've probably been using my Neckeze for 4 years every day. I use it when I nap in my recliner. Since using it, I have not had a stiff neck and as a result, I feel better."

    - George McMahon - Chicago, IL
  • "My four year old daughter used to struggle to sleep peacefully in her car seat. Now that she wears the Neckeze. Her head no longer flops around when she naps. The Neckeze is a life saver on short or long car trips!"

    - Pam Matlock, Nashville, TN
  • "“As a parent, I like the comfort it provides for my children….Why wouldn’t you want to have your child sleep more comfortably on those long rides and possibly ride a little more safely?”

    - Heather, Mother of Three", North Carolina
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    ** Neckeze is not a medical device to immobilize the neck. It is designed to promote comfort and relieve stress.