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There is really no good way to have a regular pillow for your neck if you’re in a wheelchair. But the Neckeze® collar is so unique that it’s perfect for seniors and others who are wheelchair bound or are unable to hold their heads up for long periods.

The Neckeze® collar is different because it fully and gently surrounds the entire neck 360 degrees to give support that really does relieve some of the stress and pressure from the neck and shoulders. And perhaps more importantly, it prevents your head from falling forward and giving you that very unpleasant “stiff neck.”

The Neckeze® has been proven very helpful when undergoing certain treatments like, dialysis, chemo or radiation therapy. It is important that the patient remain very relaxed and still during the treatments. The Neckeze® travel collar provides stabilization and support allowing a more natural intake of air when sitting, standing or lying down.

Neckeze® is lightweight and compact. When not in use, it attaches easily to a wheelchair, other chair or lounger. It comes in 4 adult sizes with 4 great colors. Neckeze® is also available in a child size (small) in blue and red.


"Thank you for your Neckeze product. I always bring it with me because it always relieves the pain in my narrowing disk between C5 and C6 when hiking, sitting in car or bus or flights for too long, watching long movies in theaters when seats are not conducive, etc. I love that the cover is easily removed and hand-washed and does not shrink."" - G.R.

** Neckeze is not a medical device to immobilize the neck. It is designed to promote comfort and relieve stress.