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What is the Neckeze® Comfort Collar?

Neckeze is the ultimate neck travel pillow and support collar

Neckeze® is soft foam collar designed to bring great comfort when traveling, working, or any activity that is aided by neck support. Our product relieves stress on your back, neck, shoulders and upper back. It’s machine washable and available in sizes for all ages above 3 years old.

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Who Uses the Neckeze®?

Kids Travel - The Neckeze® Comfort Collar removes the "Bobble-Head Effect" by providing support during travel.

Adult Passengers - Whether it is by car, plane, or trains, Neckeze® is the way to travel in comfort. Get the best travel-nap, ever!

Senior Support - Give your loved one the stylish support on the Neckeze® Comfort Collar.

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Learn how you can use the Neckeze® Comfort Collar as part of your everyday life.

Child Size Neckeze

$18.99 $14.99

** Neckeze is not a medical device to immobilize the neck. It is designed to promote comfort and relieve stress.